Roads and Highways

Find out more about the range of training courses we offer in this growing industry.

Industry overview

There are over 247,000 miles of roads in the UK: 31,000 miles of major roads and 2,300 miles of motorway. Every year, we spend around £11 billion on maintaining our roads, a 24/7 task carried out by a wide range of specialist contractors who employ hundreds of staff. Making sure employees can work safely in such a dangerous environment is critical, and training is a huge priority for all contractors.

Lantra works closely with the National Highway Sector Schemes (NHSS) to create consistent, high-quality training to help keep everyone working on the road network safe. We offer certified, bespoke training that meets the NHSS standards in areas like traffic management, fencing and vehicle restraint systems, completed by training in areas like road repairs, street works, and winter vehicle servicing.

99) Street Works