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The importance of training to achieve and maintain an adequate level of competence in all areas of highway asset management, including highway inspection, is stressed in the current Code of Practice, Well-managed Highway Infrastructure, and the associated document, Highway Infrastructure Asset Management.

The credibility of highway inspectors as witnesses in criminal or civil proceedings may depend on producing evidence of current qualifications.

This two-day refresher course provides a reminder of the knowledge and skills already gained on the initial course and an update on recent changes in guidance and developments in procedures.

The course is delivered by experienced professionals in the field of highway safety and highway maintenance.

The finer details

Much of the course content is based on the guidance and recommendations of the revised code of practice, Well-managed Highway Infrastructure (2016). Learners are encouraged to read those sections relating to Highway Inspection prior to the course.

This two-day course focuses on two key areas:

Day 1 - Highway Law & Inspection Policy

  • Highway maintenance context
  • Legal powers and duties of highway authorities
  • Highways Act powers and enforcement
  • NRSWA powers and enforcement
  • Codes of Practice
  • Inspection policies and procedure
  • Legal Challenges.

Day 2 - Hazard Identification & Control Measures

  • Highway safety
  • Types of construction defect
  • Defect repair techniques
  • Other highway defects
  • 3rd party defects/s.81 NRSWA
  • Options for making safe
  • On-site assessment.

The course fully complies with the requirements of the IHE Inspectors Board for highway inspectors' training.

Successful completion of the course will allow learners to retain their entry on the IHE National Register of Highway Inspectors.

Highway Inspectors Refresher (Skills Card)

Delivery method

Classroom and practical

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Who should attend?

Highway Safety Inspectors who have completed an IHE-approved highway inspectors’ training course within the last five years.

What will be covered?

By the end of the course, the learner will:

  • Understand the legal obligations of highway authorities in relation to highway maintenance
  • Be aware of changes to codes of practice relating to highway inspection
  • Understand the implications to highway inspection policies and procedures
  • Have an awareness of the safety issues associated with highway inspection
  • Be able to recognize typical highway defects
  • Be able to apply immediate control measures to make safe
  • Be able to demonstrate relevant knowledge and skills in a practical assessment.

Other areas of interest

Highway Safety Inspectors’ Training - The initial course for those who have yet to complete any formal training. 

Road Safety Inspectors’ Training - An adaption of the course above for those based in Scotland.

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