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Recent studies have found that individual people have different ways of learning, because of there has been an increased demand for training courses that can be provided to those who wish to instruct small groups of people and this is why the course has been designed.  

This Three Day Course allows candidates two practice sessions to consolidate what they have learned and to hone their skills based on feedback from the group.

We also include an invaluable session on dealing with all types of learners, particularly those who are a challenge in the training room.

The finer details

In the course comprises several modules which are:

  • Planning and content
  • Delivering Training
  • Managing Trainee Practice Times
  • Learning Styles
  • Error Correction
  • How to open & close a training session.
Instructional Techniques - 3 Day

Delivery method

Classroom and practical demonstration

Recognised by

Lantra Awards

Who should attend?

This course would be suitable for anyone who would like to successfully instruct courses which combine practical and classroom skills.

A version of the course is also available for anyone who wishes to deliver Lantra Awards Courses. 

What will be covered?

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Plan and structure a practical skills training session
  • Deliver a practical instruction session with improved confidence
  • Manage trainee practice time
  • Adopt a style that requires trainees to think and participate
  • Develop questioning skills and error correction techniques
  • Understand the different learning styles and be able to design training sessions that appeal to all learning styles
  • Evaluate their own and learners performance and give constructive feedback.

Other areas of interest

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