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This highly interactive event is designed for anyone who needs to instruct practical skills to small groups or deliver classroom information in an interesting and interactive way.

Upon completion of this, the participant will be able to combine practical and classroom skills and deliver Lantra Awards Courses.

The finer details

The event will guide participants through all aspects of planning and a training event. They will be able to deliver training sessions with a high level of interaction from their own candidates leaving them motivated and confident on return to the workplace.

The skill of the Trainer is in delivering a session that will appeal to all learning styles and ensures that all learners have a balanced learning experience that is beneficial and enjoyable at the same time.

All course candidates are allowed adequate time to the skills during the course and consolidate what they have learned in a safe environment with positive feedback from the Instructor and their peers.

Instructional Techniques - 4 Day

Delivery method

Classroom and practical demonstration

Who should attend?

Anyone who wishes to instruct courses which combine practical and classroom skills or be able to deliver Lantra Awards Courses.

A 3 Day version of the course is also available for those who do not need Lantra Awards recognition.

What will be covered?

On completion of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and structure a practical skills training session
  • Deliver training sessions with improved confidence
  • Manage learner practice time
  • Adopt a style that requires learners to think and participate
  • Develop questioning skills and error correction techniques
  • Appreciate the different styles of learning, and design training sessions that engage all styles
  • Use group facilitation skills to spark and maintain of learners
  • Evaluate their own and Trainee’s performance and give constructive feedback    
  • Use skills to influence a challenging audience.

Other areas of interest

Instructional Techniques - 2 Day.

Instructional Techniques - 4 Day.


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