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Ignite is an innovative training programme of practical seminars and interactive workshops with a focus on woodfuel.

It is designed for those wanting to know more about woodfuel and to equip new and existing woodfuel businesses with the skills and knowledge required to meet the increasing demand from this growing alternative market.

With oil at high prices and concerns over supply, many people are increasingly going back to wood.

Advances in boiler technology and the introduction of woodchips and pellets as fuel sources, have seen a dramatic increase in the uptake of wood fuelled heating systems in recent years.

The Ignite Firewood Production and Supply course is aimed at both existing and fledgling firewood businesses.

The course covers firewood as a renewable fuel, sources of timber for firewood, equipment to handle, produce and deliver firewood, units and conversion factors, markets and economics of the supply chain including calculating sales prices from wet and dry weight to loose and stacked volumes.

Ignite Firewood Production and Supply

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Who should attend?

Ignite courses are aimed at anyone involved in the woodfuel supply chain sector, whether they be woodfuel users, specifiers, processors, growers or woodland owners.

What will be covered?

The aim of this Ignite module is to provide producers of firewood with the knowledge and skills to produce sustainable and viable firewood for the long term future.


Session 1 - Firewood as a renewable fuel:

● The carbon balance of firewood

● Drivers for an increase in demand for renewable fuels

● Basic units and conversion factors 1 – wood densities and converting weight to volume.

Session 2 - Sources of timber for firewood:

● Woodlands/Arb

● Clean Recycled

● Co-products

● Other sources.

Session 3 - Turning timber into firewood:

● Seasoning

● Equipment.

● Matching different raw material to equipment.

Session 4 - Handling and delivering firewood:

● Depot layout and design

● Handling equipment

● Delivery methods

● Reducing handling.

Session 5 - Introduction to markets for firewood

● Domestic / commercial

● Rural / urban.

Session 6 - Economics of firewood supply:

● Scale

● Costs / income

● Market prices

● Streamlining techniques to lower overheads

● Conversion factors 2 – weight, volume and energy content in relation to moisture

● Quality assurance to include an introduction to the Woodsure and Woodsure Plus schemes

● Meeting RHI sustainability criteria and the Biomass Suppliers List.



Other areas of interest

  • Ignite: Managing Woods for Woodfuel (1 day course)
  • Ignite: Woodfuel Production and Supply (3 day course)
  • Ignite: Woodfuel Quality Standards (1 day course)
  • Basic Wildfire Training (1 day course)
  • Forestry and Climate Change (2 day course)
  • Trees and Timber Measurement (1 day course).
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