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The National Hedgelaying Society offers training and assessment in hedgerow management. A series of training courses and progressive practical tests lead to a Three - tier accreditation awards in hedgelaying.

The scheme is designed to ensure that hedgelayers achieve the highest standards of craftsmanship. This training course is a progression from the The National Hedgelaying Society Bronze Award and will cover the skills required to carry out the traditional craft of Hedgelaying at a professional level. 

The finer details

The demand for the traditional craft of hedge laying is increasing. A traditionally laid and sensitively managed hedge allows farming and conservation interests to meet; for the farmer a natural barrier to confine and shelter stock is erected, whilst for the conservationist, a wildlife habitat is created.

The National Hedgelaying Society is keen to encourage training and assessment in Hedgelaying and has introduced a National Accreditation Scheme based on the delivery of training courses and assessments. There are four levels of training and assessment.  Three levels of assessment are linked to National Hedgelaying Society National Accreditation at Bronze, Silver and Gold:

  • Introduction to Hedgelaying  - Beginner training course with basic assessment as part of the course
  • Bronze Level Training & Assessment:  Competent Level training with separate practical  assessment
  • Silver Level Training & Assessment:    Proficient Level training with separate practical assessment
  • Gold Level Training & Assessment:     Advanced Level training with separate practical assessment

By the end of the course candidates will have learnt the skills required to become a professional hedgelayer and complete the Silver Level Assessment. The assessment will expect candidates  to lay 8 metres of stock proof hedge to a proficient standard in recognised style within 5 hours, with hand tools and if a chainsaw is used they must have an up to date chainsaw certificate. They must also demonstrate the ability to root lay, side and back lay and be able to explain the management of hedgerows. The one day assessment is completed at the end of the training course or as a stand alone unguided assessment

Hedgelaying Skills – Silver Award (Skills Card)

Delivery method

Training (with Assessment )

Recognised by

National Hedgelaying Society

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at the Silver level and is open to anyone who has previous hedgelaying experience.

It is the second level towards a career in hedgerow restoration. Successful completion of the Silver Assessment will lead to National Hedgelaying Society Accreditation at Silver Level. 


What will be covered?

Training will be carried out over 5 days.

It will prepare candidates to lay 8 metres of stock proof hedge to proficient standard in a recognised style within 5 hours, with hand tools.

If a chainsaw is used, they must have an up to date chainsaw certificate.  

The course will also cover the techniques for root laying, side laying and back laying and will provide training in the management of hedgerows including knowledge of hedgerow plants.

  • Health and Safety
  • Hedge Laying Styles
  • Hedgerow Legislation and Classification
  • Hedgerow management & plants
  • Preparations at the Hedge
  • Cutting and Pleaching
  • Building the Hedge
  • Root lay, side lay and back lay techniques
  • Methods of Staking and Binding
  • Trimming and Finishing
  • Hedge Aftercare

Other areas of interest

  • Progression to the National Hedgelaying Society Accreditation Scheme levels via Courses and Assessments offered at: Gold -     Advanced level
  • Other Interest
  • Traditional Boundary restoration  e.g. dry stone walling
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