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Cattle Foot Trimming has now become a regular event on farms.  Professional trimmers are engaged by many farms to carry out the majority of the preventive and curative trimming, and equipment has developed that allows the trimming to be performed in a less arduous and more efficient way.  
Coupled with the advances made in treatment and prevention, trimming today is far better placed to produce a happier, more productive cow.  
This course is designed to equip you with the trimming skills you need to reduce instances of lameness on your farm, using the renowned 5 Step Dutch Method.  The course is very hands on allowing plenty of time to hone your skills.  The course examines the main courses of lameness and the way to prevent it. 

The finer details

This 4-day course is a healthy mix of both theory and practical training and teaches the 5 step Dutch Foot Trimming method.  Our affiliation with The Dairy Training Centre in the Netherlands enables us to demonstrate our credibility and professionalism in delivering the course.  This mark of quality is an indicator of our commitment to providing the 5 step Dutch trimming method to a very high standard. 
We initially use cadaver feet moving onto live cows.   The training consists of the 5 step Dutch method of trimming, Anatomy of the hoof, Diseases and how to prevent them, equipment choices, knife sharpening, use of grinders for trimming, application of blocks how, when, and different types. 
The next step to become fully licensed Professional Foot Trimmer Category 1 Foot Trimmer after attending the initial course:
experience is gained in the field.
Following this experience, it is recommended that you attend a Check Day where the instructors will review your technique. 
Upon review, you can return to take the examination to become a Dutch Diploma Holder.
Finally attend a Check Day where the instructors will review your technique.
The qualification is recognised as a mark of quality and high standard. It is accepted by the NACFT, and many professional foot trimmers have taken the exam.

Delivery method

Theory and Practical

Recognised by

NACFT (National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers)

Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to gain more in-depth knowledge and experience in Foot Trimming and for those who wish to become a Professional Foot Trimmer.  

What will be covered?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:
  • Recognise lameness and grade severity
  • Know the key features of bovine foot anatomy
  • Relate these anatomical features to key aspects of physiology – blood supply, normal claw horn growth & overgrowth
  • Understand the theory of the ‘5 Step Dutch method’
  • Safely restrain a cow and pick up feet using a foot crush
  • Apply the theoretical knowledge of preventative trimming practically
  • Practically re-enforce the key anatomical & physiological principles learned and relate this back to the practical application of the ‘Dutch method’
  • Apply the theoretical knowledge of corrective trimming practically
  • Recognise the causes of foot lameness in cattle (sole ulcer, white line separation & abscess, digital dermatitis, foul in the foot, slurry heel, inter-digital growth, toe necrosis
  • Use of tools and equipment including grinders
  • Know when and how to apply blocks and bandages 
  • Know when and how to apply medical treatments or seek veterinary attention

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