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This programme covers the essential information required by a supervisor or manager with responsibilities for personal data in their organisation or business

The finer details




The programme is divided into a number of sessions, the main content will be delivered in the first session and the practical elements and case studies in the second session with a multi-choice assessment to conclude.






Delivery method


Recognised by

Lantra Awards

Who should attend?

Any person who requires a working knowledge of GDPR and data protection where they are dealing with personal data in their roles

What will be covered?

Know what is meant by GDPR and Data Protection

  • Understand the seven principles of GDPR
  • Know the key legislation in Ireland covering data protection
  • Understand the lawful basis for processing data
  • Know the different forms and types of personal data
  • Be familiar with the relevant procedures to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018
  • Differentiate between a data controller and data processor
  • Be familiar with GDPR and data protection, how it applies to personal data in the workplace
  • Be familiar with regulation pertaining to data breach notification
  • Know how to carry out a basic data audit of the workplace
  • Be familiar with terms and terminology
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