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I’m an Apprentice – how will my Apprenticeship be assessed?

Apprenticeships are a brilliant way to kick-start your career because they offer practical experience, on and off-the-job training and a wage while you’re learning.


To demonstrate you’ve reached the right level of knowledge, skills and behaviours during your apprenticeship, you’ll go through a process called an end point assessment. This is an impartial assessment at the end of your apprenticeship to evaluate your progress and performance against the national standard.

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How does it work?

Once you’ve completed your training, your Training Provider will check to see if you’re ready for the assessment. You need to have completed all the different requirements outlined in the national standard, including skills development, portfolios and projects. Your Training Provider will send their evidence to us and, once we’ve approved it, we’ll schedule the End Point Assessment.  


Our impartial, experienced Assessors use different methods for the End Point Assessment, including discussion or interview, observation and demonstrations, project overviews, presentations and multiple choice knowledge tests.


You must pass all parts of the assessment to achieve your apprenticeship.

End Point Assessments FAQs

When am I ready for the End Point Assessment?

The main objective of the EPA is to demonstrate that you have the correct knowledge, skills and behaviours to competently and safely carry out the role effectively.


Once you are happy and confident that you have gained the relevant practical on-the-job knowledge and experience - along with completing any qualifications - your Training Provider and Employer will put you forward for the EPA.


The criteria to meet this includes completing any Maths, English and on-programme mandatory qualifications or competency-based training and evidence of work based practical skills and knowledge.


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What are Apprenticeship Standards?

Apprenticeship standards are written by industry, for industry. They were developed by Trailblazer Groups, made up of employers and sector organisations, who understand the skills their industries need to flourish.  


Apprenticeship standards support and guide each apprentice through their individual work-based learning journey. Apprentices get constructive appraisals, develop practical skills and knowledge and gain competency-based qualifications, all complemented by off-the-job training that widens their industry experience.


For a full overview of all apprenticeship standards, click here.


For information on the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, click here.

What is the Gateway?

The Gateway is the door between the two core stages of the Apprenticeship – the on-programme development stage and the EPA stage.


The Apprentice is Gateway-ready once the Employer, in conjunction with the Apprenticeship Training Provider, agrees they have reached the level of competence in their job role, as set out in the Standard, and is ready and able to prove it.


The Gateway mandatory requirements differ for each assessment plan. The Training Provider or Employer must submit evidence to Lantra as the EPAO via the on-line system - ACE360, to enable Lantra to approve the evidence and schedule the EPA.

Who are Independent End Point Assessors (IEPA)?

The EPA is carried out by an independent, impartial, industry specific/experienced, qualified Assessors that have not been involved in the Apprentice's training. The IEPA will carry out assessments in line with the Standard and guidance from the EPAO.


EPAs generally consist of two or more assessment methods and these are graded. The assessment methods vary for each standard but can include:

  • Multiple choice knowledge tests
  • Professional discussion or interviews
  • Observations of practical tasks
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Projects
  • Presentations.


You cannot achieve your Apprenticeship until you have passed all elements of the EPA. 

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