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I’m an Employer – how can Lantra help me with Apprenticeship assessments?

With over 40 years’ experience working with employers and training providers, we’re proud to help the UK and Ireland’s land-based industries upskill the next generation of workers through apprenticeships. Through working with training Providers, including the UK’s leading colleges, we have the right expertise and knowledge to offer quality independent end point assessments for your apprentices.  

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Why choose Lantra?

It's a fast-moving field, so we aim to make the process hassle free for employers and trainers:


  • We specialise in land-based and environmental industries
  • Our high quality assessments are cost-effective
  • Our assessors exceed the requirements of the assessment plan
  • We offer our service across England
  • We use ACE360 – an Apprenticeship Standards Managements System
  • We're experts in apprenticeship frameworks and national occupational standards.

About the End Point Assessment process

When is the Apprentice ready for EPA?

The EPA assesses the skills, knowledge and behaviours in a holistic way and judges whether the Apprentice is fully competent and can perform the role effectively.


Once an Apprentice can demonstrate they meet Apprenticeships Assessment Plan criteria, they are ready for End Point Assessment. Criteria includes Maths, English and on- programme mandatory qualifications or, competency-based training and evidence of work based practical skills and knowledge.

Apprenticeship Standards

Apprenticeship standards are written by industry, for industry. They were developed by Trailblazer Groups, made up of employers and sector organisations, who understand the skills their industries need to flourish.  


Apprenticeship standards support and guide each apprentice through their individual work-based learning journey. Apprentices get constructive appraisals, develop practical skills and knowledge and gain competency-based qualifications, all complemented by off-the-job training that widens their industry experience.


For a full overview of all apprenticeship standards, click here.


For information on the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, click here.

The Gateway

The Gateway is the door between the two core stages of the Apprenticeship – the on-programme development stage and the EPA stage.


The Apprentice is Gateway-ready once the employer, in conjunction with the Apprenticeship training provider, agrees they have reached the level of competence in their job role, as set out in the Standard, and is ready and able to prove it.


The Gateway mandatory requirements differ for each assessment plan. The training provider or employer must submit evidence to Lantra as the EPAO via the on-line system - ACE360, to enable Lantra to approve the evidence and schedule the EPA.

Independent End Point Assessors (IEPA)

The EPA is carried out by independent, impartial, industry specific/experienced, qualified assessors that have not been involved in the Apprentice's training. The IEPA will carry out assessments in line with the Standard and guidance from the EPAO.


EPA generally consists of two or more assessment methods and these are graded. The assessment methods vary for each standard but can include:

  • Multiple choice knowledge tests
  • Professional discussion or interviews
  • Observations of practical tasks
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Projects
  • Presentations.


Apprentices cannot achieve their Apprenticeship until they have achieved all elements of the EPA. 

End Point Assessments offered by us:

Advanced Golf Greenkeeper*

674.29 KB

Download PDF
Animal Care and Welfare Assistant

242.91 KB

Download PDF

355.76 KB

Download PDF
Countryside Ranger

448.30 KB

Download PDF
Countryside Worker

389.83 KB

Download PDF
Crop Technician

417.53 KB

Download PDF
Dog Groomer

295.68 KB

Download PDF
Equine Groom

18.20 MB

Download PDF

451.02 KB

Download PDF
Forest Crafts Person

615.84 KB

Download PDF
Forest Operative*

432.87 KB

Download PDF
General Farm Worker

330.07 KB

Download PDF
Golf Course Manager

670.05 KB

Download PDF
Golf Greenkeeper

352.74 KB

Download PDF
Highway Electrical Maintenance and Installation Operative

284.10 KB

Download PDF
Highway Electrician / Service Operative

327.06 KB

Download PDF
Horticulture & Landscape Operative L2*

321.15 KB

Download PDF
Horticulture or Landscape Construction Operative L2 V1.1

623.24 KB

Download PDF
Horticulture & Landscape Supervisor

464.62 KB

Download PDF
Keeper and Aquarist

571.34 KB

Download PDF
Land-Based Service Engineer

291.30 KB

Download PDF
Land-Based Service Engineering Technician

403.01 KB

Download PDF
Livestock Technician

542.41 KB

Download PDF
Poultry Technician

264.41 KB

Download PDF
Poultry Worker

355.55 KB

Download PDF
Senior Equine Groom

4.11 MB

Download PDF
Sports Turf Operative*

13.15 MB

Download PDF
Sports Turf Operative L2 v1.1

488.43 KB

Download PDF

339.66 KB

Download PDF

363.13 KB

Download PDF
Water Environment Worker

625.77 KB

Download PDF

*Not open to new starters

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