UK farming and agriculture industries have always played a prominent role in the country's economy, with employers continuously having to adapt to market movements and contingencies.

Industry overview

Farming and agriculture have always played a vital role in the UK and Ireland. In 2020, agriculture contributed around £9.4bn to the economy, as well as providing around half of the food we eat, employing half a million people and playing a vital part in the UK’s vibrant food and drink sector.


Working in agriculture is more than just tractors and combine harvesters. Land managers and farmers look after 71% of the UK and Ireland’s land; agriculture helps safeguard our natural environment as well as contributing to the highest standards of animal and plant health.

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The size of the agricultural workforce has been fairly stable over the last decade, though Brexit and the Covid pandemic have had an impact on the availability of seasonal workers. The next few years are a critical time for preserving skills, creating stability and making improvements. Grants aimed at improving sustainability and animal welfare are expected to boost the industry’s success.


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