Land law for landowners

Peatland Restoration Practitioner

Peatland restoration is a growing vocation within the conservation sector yet there has been no nationally recognised accredited training programme to date. Developed by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust in partnership with the Welsh Peatlands Sustainable Management Scheme (SMS) Project, the Peatland Restora…

Drystone Walls

This course is an introduction to the maintenance and construction of drystone walls to enable learners to undertake basic dry stone wall maintenance and construction.

Ignite Firewood Production and Supply

Gain an understanding of firewood production and supply with this training course.

Ignite Woodfuel Quality Standards

Gain an understanding of woodfuel quality standards with this one day training course.

Practical Hedge Laying

Learn the basics of hedge laying craft in our two-day practical course.

Safe Use and Application of Fertiliser and Manure

Enhance your ability to work safely, effectively and efficiently in the workplace, reducing unnecessary risks to the environment, yourself or others.

Large Wild Game (Deer) Meat Hygiene

The Country Sports Ireland Trained Hunter Large Wild Game (Deer) Meat Hygiene course is designed to train hunters in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 853/2004 for the presentation of large wild game (deer) carcasses to Approved Game Handling Establishments. The programme is co…

Ignite: Woodfuel Production and Supply

Ignite is an innovative training programme with a focus on woodfuel.

It is designed for those wanting to know more about woodfuel and to equip new and existing woodfuel businesses with the skills and knowledge required to meet the increasing demand from this growing alternative market.

With oil at hig…

Vegetation Fire Foundation Module (Skills Card)

The Vegetation Fire Foundation module provides either awareness for those working in wildfire or prescribed fire or as a prerequisite for further vegetation fire modules, such as Operator and Wildfire Management Plan.

Vegetation Fire Operator Module (Skills Card)

The Operator module builds upon the Foundation module to provide an operational level of wildfire incidents or prescribed fire operations or as a prerequisite for Prescribed Fire Manager.  

Wildfire Management Plan Module (Skills Card)

The Wildfire Management Plan module builds upon the Vegetation Fire Foundation to provide a management level of developing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing Wildfire Management Plans.