Purdoms Range Basic Rifle Course

This level one rifle course is available to you if you have little or no previous knowledge or experience.

Purdoms Range Centre Fire Reloading Course

Understand what safe practice is with these two Lantra Approved beginner courses for reloading.

Purdoms Range Shotgun Course

This level one shotgun course is available to you if you have little or no previous knowledge of using a shotgun. 

Purdoms Range Air Rifle Course

Learn how to use an air rifle or air pistol with this one day one day course.

Deer Stalking Proficiency - One

To train and educate clients to be confident stalkers and proficient and safe in gun handling and shooting. Including to be familiar with all laws and seasons relating to deer.

Deer Stalking Proficiency - Advanced 2

This course will provide the candidate with the opportunity to carry out the stalk, shot, and gralloch, and the check of the meat to ensure it is fit for human consumption.

Loaders - Shotgun

This course is designed to support Learners who want to take the role of Loader on a shoot. 

Safe Use and Handling - Shotgun

Get to grips with handling a shotgun safely and responsibly.

Shotgun Coaching

Learn to train others to use shotguns safely and responsibly with our one-day course for beginners.