Level 1 Award in Introduction to Beekeeping

Give yourself a rounded introduction to the craft of beekeeping, with our nationally recognised qualification.

Level 2 Award in Animal Transport by Road - Long Journey Attendant

Become qualified in transporting animals with our nationally recognised Level 2 qualification

Cattle Foot Trimming Validation

Bi-annual validation process which will ensure that you maintain your status as an NACFT Category 1 Foot Trimmer.

FarmSkills Calf Rearing Part 1 & 2

Calf Rearing – Birth to Weaning:

Trainees will be able to plan and prepare for successful heifer production, conduct basic first aid in the neo-natal calf and provide appropriate management to ensure maximum survival rates.

Calf Rearing – Heifer Rearing:

Trainees will be able to set targets and manage …

FarmSkills Mastering Medicines

The workshop aims to increase trainees’ knowledge of safety and good practice as well as outlining the legislative requirements for on farm medicines use. The course also aims to increase trainees’ understanding about the different types of medicines used and how these relate to the common diseases …

FarmSkills Sheep - Lambing

Join our lambing team for the day and get hands-on with learning all about lambing. The informal, action-packed course will include a mix of listening, observing and doing.

FarmSkills Foot Trimming

Tuition from fully licenced cattle foot trimmers, trained in UK and USA.

Training delivered on farm or at dedicated training centre – we bring crushes and all equipment with us.

FarmSkills Dairy Fertility (DIY AI)

Trainees will be able to discuss the regulations governing artificial insemination (AI) in the UK and describe the theory of safe semen handling and AI technique.

They will be able to carry out correct AI technique using abattoir specimens or models before progressing onto be able to safely perform A…

Lambing Techniques

Master the basic lambing skills with our training course in Lambing Techniques.

Machine Sheep Shearing

Master and improve your sheep-shearing techniques with our Machine Sheep Shearing course.

Better Livestock Handling for Increased Profitability

Improve your skills and reap the benefits with our livestock handling course.

Preparing for IPPC Regulations (Poultry Industry)

Gain your Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) permit for poultry with our 1-day training course