Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross-cutting and Basic Felling up to 200mm

Learn the basics of non-professional chainsaw use with this course.

This ITA course is not suitable for a Professional User.

Chainsaw Basic Felling Techniques up to 200mm

Learn how to safely fell small trees.

This course is not suitable for professional users.


Using a Powered Pole Pruner

Work with a potentially dangerous tool safely and effectively on our two-day training and assessment course.

Loaders - Shotgun

Hone your ability to handle a shotgun safely and responsibly with our dedicated one-day course.

Lift Trucks for Supervisors and Managers

In your role as a supervisor or manager, gain a greater understanding of health and safety requirements and the ability to recognise and deal with potential hazards in a lift truck operating environment, with our one day training course.

Level 2 Award in the Safe Use of Aluminium Phosphide for Vertebrate Pest Control

Earn a qualification in the safe use of a potentially dangerous product with our specialist course.

Level 1 Award in Introduction to Beekeeping

Give yourself a rounded introduction to the craft of beekeeping, with our nationally recognised qualification.

Level 3 Award in Pest Management Services Trained Professional User (Units)

Equip yourself with the certificate needed to be a pest control professional in Ireland by taking our Level 3 qualification.

Level 2 Award in Animal Transport by Road - Long Journey Attendant

Become qualified in transporting animals with our nationally recognised Level 2 qualification

Land law for landowners

Knapsack & Handheld Sprayer Maintenance

This is generic course which along with the operator’s manual will provide users the knowledge to complete maintenance & servicing.

Cattle Foot Trimming Validation

Bi-annual validation process which will ensure that you maintain your status as an NACFT Category 1 Foot Trimmer.