Principles of lawn care

This 1-day theoretical course on lawn care is designed for keen amateur gardeners who wish to produce and maintain a domestic lawn, as well as those creating and maintaining lawns commercially, working within the horticultural sector.

Initial Sports Line Marking

The course will introduce the basic competencies for setting out sports markings from scratch, preparation and application. It will emphasise the efficient, safe and legal aspects of line marking and the basic skills required.

Sports Turf Leadership and Management: Effective Communication and Decision Making

An ideal introduction or refresher for:

- Evaluating and validating sports turf information

- Data collection

- Decision making

- Developing records and communicating with key stakeholders in sports turf business

Turfgrass Irrigation Technician

The course is aimed at sports turf, ground staff, greenkeeping and lawn care professionals seeking to develop automatic irrigation system skills and knowledge in the fundamental of installation, fault finding and set-up. 

Principles of Sports Turf for Dealership Professionals

The course is aimed at those in the dealership who engage with sports turf customers.  Specifically, this course is aimed at sports turf dealers to enhance their knowledge and skills when dealing with sports turf businesses.  This includes learning about customer relations, principles of s…

Sports Turf Leadership & Management: Understanding How to Prepare & Control Budgets

This new two-day course is designed for sports turf operatives, greenkeepers and grounds care mechanics seeking to develop their skills and knowledge in safe and effective mower set-up, using professional fine turf and sports turf equipment.  The outline of the course is to learn the details of…