Level 2 Award in the Safe Use of Aluminium Phosphide for Vertebrate Pest Control

Earn a qualification in the safe use of a potentially dangerous product with our specialist course.

Level 3 Award in Pest Management Services Trained Professional User (Units)

Equip yourself with the certificate needed to be a pest control professional in Ireland by taking our Level 3 qualification.

Best Practice Guidance for Use of Firearms in Zoos & Wildlife Parks

Regrettably, there are many incidents of people climbing into dangerous animal enclosures and of dangerous animal escapes, many of which have resulted in serious injury and even death.

‘CDS Firearms Training for Zoos & Wildlife Parks’ is designed to empower zookeepers with the skills required to…

Range Conducting Officers Course

A two day course covering all aspects of precision rifle shooting on approved rifle ranges with the emphasis of teaching how to run a safe range.

Control of Invasive Species

This course is of particular relevance to individuals and organisations in the landscape maintenance, facilities management, property maintenance and amenity sectors

The Safe Use of Aluminium Phosphide for Vertebrate Pest Control

Learn how to safely use a potentially dangerous product with our one-day training course.

Purdoms Range Basic Rifle Course

This level one rifle course is available to you if you have little or no previous knowledge or experience.

Purdoms Range Centre Fire Reloading Course

Understand what safe practice is with these two Lantra Approved beginner courses for reloading.

Purdoms Range Shotgun Course

This level one shotgun course is available to you if you have little or no previous knowledge of using a shotgun. 

Purdoms Range Air Rifle Course

Learn how to use an air rifle or air pistol with this one day one day course.

Grey Squirrel Management Training

This course is for people involved in grey squirrel management whether for red squirrel conservation or for control to prevent further economic and environmental damage caused by this non-native invasive species.

Grey Squirrel Control Trapping Techniques

Be able to implement and monitor a control programme appropriate to your situation with grey squirrels by completing our half-day course.