Trailer Handling

Learn to handle trailers expertly – for work or leisure with our dedicated course.

Shotgun Coaching

Learn to train others to use shotguns safely and responsibly with our one-day course for beginners.

Mendip Vets Sheep Scanning Course

Knowing whether your ewes are pregnant and how many lambs they are carrying is important to reduce twin lamb disease, devise an appropriate feed plan and minimise culling losses. Would you like to practice external transdermal ultrasound scanning for your flock? Look no further as this course is for…

Tractor driving 14 - 15 years old (Republic of Ireland)

Our two-day training course gives a good grounding for the next generation of tractor users in the Republic of Ireland

Lambing Techniques

Master the basic lambing skills with our training course in Lambing Techniques.

Machine Sheep Shearing

Master and improve your sheep-shearing techniques with our Machine Sheep Shearing course.

Practical Hedge Laying

Learn the basics of hedge laying craft in our two-day practical course.

Tractor Driving 13-15 Years Old

Instil expertise in the next generation with our two-day tractor driving course.

Better Livestock Handling for Increased Profitability

Improve your skills and reap the benefits with our livestock handling course.

The Safe Use of Aluminium Phosphide for Vertebrate Pest Control

Learn how to safely use a potentially dangerous product with our one-day training course.

Preparing for IPPC Regulations (Poultry Industry)

Gain your Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) permit for poultry with our 1-day training course

Rough Terrain Masted Lift Trucks (J1) - Assessment Only

Becoming proficient in operating this machinery is an essential and valued operator’s skill for any contract, large or small.