Machine Sheep Shearing

Master and improve your sheep-shearing techniques with our Machine Sheep Shearing course.

Better Livestock Handling for Increased Profitability

Improve your skills and reap the benefits with our livestock handling course.

Preparing for IPPC Regulations (Poultry Industry)

Gain your Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) permit for poultry with our 1-day training course

Milking Skills Programme (Skills Card)

Improve milking routine & efficiencies with this course.

Livestock Checkers Course

This course provides a basic introduction to checking livestock and equines in the conservation/land-based sector. *Please note we only take group bookings for a minimum of 10 for this course.

Mendip Vets Advanced Cattle Hoofcare

Would you like to master more than one cattle hoof trimming techniques, while broadening your knowledge on lameness and mobility? 

This course will teach you the Dutch 5-Step and Canadian White Line Atlas foot trimming methods, making you versatile when trimming your clients’ cattle. 

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Mendip Vets Mobility Scoring (Competence)

Would you like less than 10% lameness and cows resting comfortably in their cubicles?

Delegates on our mobility scoring course learn to identify lame cows and to work effectively as part of a team in improving hoofcare.

Mendip Vets Cattle DIY AI

If you are looking to improve your herds-person skills and add cattle DIY artificial insemination to your repertoire, our course will help you get there safely and efficiently.


This is a course aimed at non-veterinarians who wish to learn the art of pregnancy diagnosis for own farm use or as a commercial enterprise. As a non-veterinarian, it is a legal requirement to have completed an Approved Course to carry out pregnancy screening.

Cattle Hoof Trimming

Learn the correct techniques in our Cattle Hoof Trimming course.

Mendip Vets Cattle Scanning for Lay Personnel Course

This course will help you to diagnose pregnancies by scanning cows on the farm. It will ultimately help you to improve the pregnancy rates of your cattle.

Mendip Vets Ruminants Giving Birth for the Working Farmer

This training course will help you assess and learn when to call the vet out for cows calving, ewes lambing or goats kidding. Understand what you can tackle yourself and when you need to bring in veterinary assistance.