Professional Cattle Foot Trimming Course

The Professional Foot Trimming course is NACFT recognised and LANTRA approved.  
This 4-day course is a recognised route to becoming a fully licensed Professional Foot Trimmer Category 1 Foot Trimmer. It is highly sought after within the farming and veterinary industries alike. 

Conservation Grazing

The principles and practices of managing habitat with grazing animals

Conservation Grazing

The principles and practices of managing habitat with grazing animals

Level 2 Award in Animal Transport by Road - Short Journey

Become qualified in transporting animals with our nationally recognised Level 2 qualification

Mendip Vets Cattle Hoofcare – Emergency and Routine

The cattle hoofcare techniques practised in our course are based on many years of experience and apply to various cattle sizes and farming systems. You will learn how to apply the most suitable technique depending on the environment the cows are kept in and their management, resulting in improved ho…

Mendip Vets Safe Use of Vet Medicines Course

The course focuses on reducing use emergency medicine through preventative medicine, with a practical and interactive approach. It will help you to comply with the requirements of Red Tractor, FAWL and supermarket contracts.

Three Day Herdsman Foot Trimming Course

The 3-day Herdsman Foot Trimming Course is LANTRA approved, Farm Assurance accepted and an Industry Standard. Lameness issues have a huge impact on the dairy industry not only from a welfare perspective, but also financially.  Loss accumulates not only from the cost of corrective treatment but…

Optimising fertility: Managing the dairy cow from drying off to submission.

Workshop attendees will work through the fundamental factors directly affecting fertility parameters and submission rates. Preparation of the cow prior to her calving and in the immediate few weeks post calving will have massive effects on her subsequent fertility. Good management of the transitioni…

Feeding the Flock for Optimal Performance

Workshop attendees will work through the nutritional requirements of the flock over the course of a year, focussing on the critical times for ensuring increased efficiency and productivity. Throughout the course there will be a theme of health planning, responsible use of antibiotics and anthelminti…

Level 2 Award in Animal Transport by Road - Long Journey Driver

Gain a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification in transporting animals over a long distance

A Veterinary Approach to Sustainable Food and Farming

This course offers a step-by-step actionable guide to food system sustainability. It identifies opportunities for embedding sustainability principles into daily veterinary work, with the modular options allowing those with limited time to fill specific knowledge gaps.

Advanced Calf Management

This is a course aimed at anyone who is interested in calf health and management and who wishes to update their knowledge on all the latest evidence based best practice, based on the latest research.