Level 2 Certificate in Dry Stone Walling

Continue to develop your skills in Dry Stone Walling by taking the Level 2 certificate.

Level 3 Certificate in Dry Stone Walling

Build more dry stone walls with advanced skills in our Level 3 certificate in Dry Stone Walling.

The Maintenance, History and Ecological Principles of Wildflower Meadows

This course enables learners to develop an understanding of the basic ecology of wildflower meadows and helps those creating and maintaining them to maximise the diversity inherent within a natural system.

This is a Customised Provision course, and learners will receive general information as well as…

Advanced Conservation Grazing in Practice

The course provides a comprehensive understanding of conservation grazing, the importance of large herbivores in biodiversity management along with the specific roles of livestock and their influence on natural processes to achieve environmental objectives.

An introduction to Cornish Hedging

This course is an introduction to the maintenance and construction of Cornish Hedges giving participants the chance to experience the different elements that are required for their construction. The course is very “hands-on” and the emphasis is to learn by doing under the supervision of the instruct…

Certificate in Cornish Hedging - Intermediate

This 10-day assessed course provides you with a foundation in the skills required to independently construct and maintain Cornish Hedges.

Cornish Hedging Skills - Foundation

This 5-day attendance course is an introduction to Cornish Hedging, giving participants the skills needed to build one of these unique traditional field boundaries. The course is also a celebration of the diverse geology of Cornwall and the different regional styles of Cornish Hedging that this has …

Vegetation Fire Operator Module (Skills Card)

The Operator module builds upon the Foundation module to provide an operational level of wildfire incidents or prescribed fire operations or as a prerequisite for Prescribed Fire Manager.  

Vegetation Fire Foundation Module (Skills Card)

The Vegetation Fire Foundation module provides either awareness for those working in wildfire or prescribed fire or as a prerequisite for further vegetation fire modules, such as Operator and Wildfire Management Plan.

Wildfire Management Plan Module (Skills Card)

The Wildfire Management Plan module builds upon the Vegetation Fire Foundation to provide a management level of developing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing Wildfire Management Plans.

Prescribed Fire Manager Module (Skills Card)

The Prescribed Fire Manager module builds upon the Vegetation Fire Foundation and Operator modules to provide a management level of designing, planning and reporting prescribed fire operations from documents such as Site and Wildfire Management Plans.