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When people have a good understanding of the impact of an action focused agenda, coupled with action focused minutes, meetings become much more effective.

This course gives you the confidence to record the notes suited to your style, and present them with reference to constitutional guidelines in an accurate set of minutes.

Minutes need to be fit for purpose, and you will develop an assertive style that will be valued by participants at the meeting.

The finer details

Many of the organisations listed have protocols and proceedings dictated by constitution and rules of governance, which is very different to workplace meetings which have in house protocols.

All of these organisations have sub committees and area and regional committees that cascade information down and up, so the consistency of meeting and minute structure is important.

It is these specifics that make this training on meetings relevant and customised to need. Various constitutions will be referred to in the training.

Effective Meeting Skills – Minute Taking

Delivery method

Theory and Practical

Recognised by

Lantra Awards

Who should attend?

In the rural communities, meetings are held in many other contexts other than in the workplace, so this course is aimed at and will be matched to:

  • National Federation of Young Farmers clubs NFYFC & Regions
  • National Farmers Union NFU
  • Farmers Union of Wales FUW
  • Breed Societies
  • Show Societies
  • Discussions Groups
  • Farmers Clubs
  • Equestrian groups
  • Village or Community groups
  • Members of voluntary groups or charities.

What will be covered?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify the objectives of Minute Taking within protocols
  • List what is included in minutes and what is not
  • Describe the structure of minutes and the ratification process
  • Create a template for recording information at meetings
  • Be able to deal with procedure issues
  • Transcribe template into style of minutes required by organisation
  • Create and use an action focused agenda.

The course is divided into several sessions with workshop activities including role play.

The course finishes in critiquing a set of manufactured minutes where poor practice and inaccuracy are identified.

Other areas of interest

  • Instructional techniques
  • Effective Meeting Skills – participating.
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