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This course covers basic history of British woodland, woodland structure, management challenges and techniques and how they can affect flora and fauna, woodland features, management principles for conservation.

The finer details

Outline of the history of British woodland; woodland benefits; 4 tier woodland layers; effects of neglect; challenges of small woodland; Intervention; priorities; ASNW; Traditional methods of management; No’s of Invertebrates associated with trees & shrubs; changes in use by birds as trees grow; Thinning, regeneration & planting; Glades, rides, open spaces & dead/dying trees; management principles for nature conservation.
Woodland Management For Conservation

Delivery method

Theory and Practical

Recognised by

Lantra Awards

Who should attend?

Conservation Groups and Volunteers; Woodland Managers and Owners; Farmers; Estate Managers; Wild Life Trusts; National Trust.

What will be covered?

By the end of the course, you will have:
  • The basic knowledge to manage woodland where the primary aim is conservation for nature
  • The knowledge of the basic history of British Woodland
  • Knowledge of the four tier woodland layers & their importance to bio-diversity
  • Knowledge of traditional methods of woodland management & how these methods where appropriate can enhance woodland for conservation
  • Appreciate the priorities for woodland conservation
  • Knowledge of Ancient Semi Natural Woodland Indicators
  • Appreciate whether to intervene or not to intervene for conservation
  • When thinning, regeneration and planting may be appropriate for conservation
  • Understand the contribution to conservation to be made by glades, rides, open spaces & dead/dying trees
  • The management principles for nature conservation.


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