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The course aims to highlight some of the major pitfalls that could occur, and raise awareness of such issues. It also provides a very simple framework of recording ideas, specifics etc using a SWOT template

The finer details

Course sessions can be expanded or reduced depending on the interests of the participants, and signposting given. 

Who should attend?

Farmers, smallholders, farming families, diversified farms wanting to expand. 

What will be covered?

  • Will it fit with the Farm?
  • Legal status of trading issues , including naming a business and marketing needs .
  • Tenancy Issues
  • Overview of general planning issues, including consents.
  • Tourism ventures
  • Food business ventures
  • New enterprises, alternative energy – signposting.
  • Estimating cash needs and basic budgeting.

Other areas of interest

  • Planning Your Business for the future
  • Marketing your business
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