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Business performance and health is looked at in relation to profit, value, and cash flow, and the use of partial budgets, gross margins, and analysing cash needs is investigated in an easy to understand format.

It is useful to do this course after the financial management suite

The finer details

The Bermuda Triangle – where does the money go? The relationship between profit, value and cash flow. How businesses are measured for performance.

Gross profit issues

What are Gross Margins? How to calculate gross margins and their use in decision making.

Partial budgeting

Estimating Cash needs.

Who should attend?

Farmers, smallholders, farming families, diversified farms with core farm business.

What will be covered?

  • Reflect on the farm’s financial performance and health
  • Be able to extract more information from financial statements and accounts.
  • Understand financial terminology
  • Be able to calculate Gross Margins of your enterprises.
  • Use gross margins for planning changes.
  • Be able to assess your cash needs to plan the business for the future.

Other areas of interest

  • Book keeping , VAT and MTD
  • Understanding your accounts and financial statements
  • Managing cash flow
  • Planning Your Business for the future
  • Planning a diversification or new enterprise for your business.
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