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This gives the trainee an outline of strategies of self help, in order to reduce the pressure they feel, and prevent it leading to stress. It focuses on Time management, as Time is often a great driver of pressure.

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Who should attend?

What will be covered?

After attending the course the trainee will be able to:

  • List the management standards the HSE use to manage stress in the workplace. 
  • Define stress as the unwanted outcome of pressure 
  • Identify their particular type of pressure that can result in stress. 
  • Be objective about how they handle pressure currently and identify coping strategies. 
  • Identify ways of dealing with unhelpful thinking
  • Explore what time management means to them
  • Identify the differences between urgent and important

  • Appraise techniques to implement prioritisation

  • Implement assertive diary management
  • Recognise how stress and anxiety can lead to mental health issues.

Tips and techniques on controlling unhelpful thinking, focusing on positive attitude development, and coping strategies for pressure.

Good robust time management skills are contextualised into their schedule, particularly important for the small business.

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